Ana Rita Soares won the Gold Award in the Interior Design category of the Premio Lusofonos de Arquitectura e Design de Interiores with the project Liberdade in 2020. The Lusà³fonos Award is the grand prize for architecture and interior design in Portuguese-speaking countries, the award aims to distinguish the best projects in the area, taking into account their innovation, creativity, comfort, sustainability and modernity. In a world where architecture and interior design are increasingly important in terms of human happiness and the preservation of our nature, it is urgent to distinguish the studios, professionals and companies that have done the most for these sectors.
Ana Rita Soares Studio has completed the work of Architect Frederico Valsassina, the “pied-à -terre” of a multicultural family in one of the main arteries of the Portuguese capital. When Ana Rita Soares, responsible for decorating the apartment, visited the building, she was inspired by the extraordinary collection of artifacts gathered from the family’s travel experiences and a couple of works of art they already owned. The result is a place of undoubted charm in which the mixture of several elements are combined to perfection. An integral part of the spacious and bright living room, adorned with wonderful stucco, is our leaf chandelier. A contemporary lamp that takes the silhouette of a classic chandelier and in the spirit of minimalism mixes past and future. So in this project it appears imposing and at the same time harmonious.
When asked about the importance of training in his professional activity, he replied: “After attending three years of the Architecture course, I realized that the country life was not for me. I needed something where I could learn more creative things and I graduated in Interior Design at IADE in Madrid. Training is essential for the development of projects. And this work goes far beyond the choice of beautiful fabrics, there’s a lot of technical behind it.“ “Passion and dedication are the words that best describe my way of being in business and in life!” Ana Rita Soares

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