creativity and quality

We believe that a really good idea conceals inimitable potential if many minds are involved. Ours, our customers’, our designers’. We call it collaboration, but it has always been the driver of our growth. It’s the key to our creation of unique pieces, tailor-made for every project. Including the most ambitious.

a certain idea of style

Whether it’s a project developed within the firm or an external collaboration, the creative flow follows a process of fine-tuning, passing through the hands of highly specialised experts who share the same concept of quality. This is why every new item from MM Lampadari gives a very precise ideal of style; style that’s based on the essential principles of attention to detail, precision in processes, technical expertise and an Italian taste for beauty.

We draw on the surrounding area for all the best artisan traditions handed down through the centuries, making Murano glass and Nove ceramics primary features in our products. From the metal workshop to the glass section and the ceramics factory, the dialogue between designers, technical experts and craftspeople is constant, seeking to achieve new heights of excellence and promote Made in Italy authenticity.

MM Lampadari fatti a mano


We work with a sartorial approach, following artisan principles of production in order to offer every customer products which are unique and recognisable.
Every MM Lampadari creation is hand-made, combining ancient methods of working the materials with the most up-to-date lighting techniques, and there are infinite options for finishes, to maximise the technical and aesthetic content of every item.