Evert project has a unique and unrepeatable genesis, but essentially follows a journey made of shared values, exchange of ideas, technical skill and the wide-ranging versatility that increasingly constitutes an essential requirement for the lighting sector. The ultimate aim is to create empathy with the customer in order to best interpret his or her ideas and turn them into concrete objects.

1. idea

The idea is born from a freehand sketch, an intuition, a request from a customer, or from the development of ideas and shapes already trialled: creativity can express itself freely to find ingenious and original solutions.

Progetto lampadario MM Lampadari
Disegno progetto lampadario MM Lampadari

2. first technical drawing

The first technical drawing analyses the work’s overall structure and adds measurements which make the creative idea tangible: this is the starting point for the achievement of the goal.

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3. rendering and 3D

Three-dimensional construction and rendering in a virtual format give greater definition to the design and the components that make it up, and allow the product’s performance in its setting to be evaluated.

Lampade a sospensione - MM Lampadari

4. execution

The border between technical office and workshop is extremely fine: they work very closely, comparing data, measurements and technological solution to arrive at the prototyping stage and finally the execution of the product.

5. installation

Installation is the final phase of the process, but no less important. First comes the assembly and testing in-house, and then – on request – the placing and final set-up, completing the circle between the initial idea and the customer’s satisfaction, which is the greatest reward at the culmination of the journey.