An ancient heart marries technology and contemporary trends to give rise to timeless quality.
Keeping faith with the artisan tradition of our region and an extremely dynamic entrepreneurial spirit, MM Lampadari fuses past, present and future, creating lamps with enduring style, highly contemporary experimental designs, one-off items and exquisite bespoke creations.
Passion for our work, technical expertise, empathy with customer and partners alike and an international vision have always been the principles behind the development of our firm, making it a true expression of Made in Italy excellence.



MM Lampadari is founded in 1966 as an artisan business in Quero, Belluno province; combining Antonio Miotto’s skills in wrought iron with Tullio Mazzocco,s experience in the mechanical field. The name MM Lampadari comes from the surnames of the two founders. The firm works as a contractor for major Italian exhibitions.


From its original basement workshop, the firm moves to its first factory, built on a hill with views of the valley, where within a few years, it will employ a hundred staff.
In March the same year, 18-year-old Lenzia Mondin joins the firm as a secretary and accountant.


The firm sees a substantial increase in turnover, and is rewarded with a Gold Medal from the Belluno Chamber of Commerce.


MM Lampadari is awarded the Oscar dell’Arredamento by the government at Rome’s Hotel Cavalieri Hilton.
The first official statement confirms that after just seven years in operation, the firm has produced more than 2,000 items at the vertiginous rate of approximately one per day, using wrought iron, glass and ceramics.
This is the start of collaborations and major supply deals overseas.
Storia MM Lampadari


Production moves from Belluno province to Cavaso del Tomba (Treviso), and MM Lampadari is the first firm to set up shop in the Colli dei Canova. In the same year Lenzia Mondin becomes sole administrator and brings a new approach to relations with the overseas market.


Lenzia Mondin, director of MM Lampadari, receives the Fleuroart ’84 prize.
Storia MM Lampadari


The firm moves to Pederobba, where it is still based today, and develops a product range that extends from Florentine chandeliers, multicoloured and ceramic lamps to brass chandeliers with natural and Murano glass elements, encompassing Liberty style and Arte Povera.
Sede MM Lampadari


The first European competition for the design of wrought iron and glass lamps is launched, with the aim of supporting young talent in lighting design.


On the occasion of the Euroluce Fair in Milan, the firm presents its new image in a range of contemporary products, adding to its classic range and with the intention of moving into the world of design and architecture.
Lampade sospensione - MM Lampadari






Lezia Mondin

Lenzia Mondin

“In my view, true Made in Italy products are entirely made in Italy, using local suppliers and certifications, and excellent quality.”.

“Innovation and design should succeed in effectively meeting history and artisan savoir-faire. The old methods of working with metal and blowing glass, for example, have a priceless value and should be preserved and their traditions respected, particularly if we want to offer customers the opportunity of buying unique pieces. Today, all this has to combine with new technologies such as LED lighting and energy-saving standards, and with the tastes of contemporary design, which only the most expert and esteemed designers can bring to each project”.

Nicoletta Mondin

“We’ve been working with great passion for more than 50 years, employing people who really know how to do their job. The materials are worked on the premises and also by partners with whom we have a very close and longstanding relationship: I’m thinking for example of Murano glass and ceramics from Nove”.

“We consider ourselves advanced artisans: we’re an artisan firm rather than mere craftspeople. Here we have a production facility which is highly specialised in technology terms, and a technical office that acts as a consultancy for our customers, giving advice that starts with the engineering specifications of the lamp and continues until its installation. So we can say we’re with the customer right to the end”.

Lezia Mondin

At MM Lampadari, team spirit and the value of people have always been constants in the story of our firm.
Today too, the cohesive input from our collaborators contributes to the success of every project and strengthens the management’s desire for expansion and innovation.